How to use a Neti Pot

The Neti Pot is far simpler than it may look. A lot of people feel it may be ‘disgusting’ etc, but when you feel how clear your nose feels afterwards, you are happy you tried it.

The key is that you create a warm saline solution (boiled or distilled only!) and allow it to go into one nostril, after which work its way throughout the nasal channel and sinuses, until it eventually exits through your other nostril. While the solution works its way through, the warm water, it will help to release any debris which can become lodged in the many twists and turns of your nasal cavities, as the salt sanitizes and helps fight infections.

For the water itself you need to use boiled tap water or even better sterilized water, but boiled regular faucet water is fine.
You’ll then need some non ionised salt. This is normally generally known as ‘Sea Salt’ which is typically large chunks of a raw salt in comparison to regular table salt which can be very fine and processed. Others speak very highly of ‘Kosher Salt’, however in britain many places this costly, therefore i never have personally used it. A lot of people also like to include a small amount of Bicarbonate soda to sooth the solution.

Here is the recipe:

9 Ounces of pre-boiled or distilled water.
Half a teaspoon of non iodised sea salt.
Half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate soda (optional)

Next, before perform a single thing more it is important to sanitize your Neti Pot.

First provide it with a good scrub as you would any normal kitchen utensil, however if using dish washing detergent be certain it’s rinsed off well! Once you have cleaned it within the convention way, it is then time to sterilise and this can be carried out in one of 3 ways:
The initial one is to place it right into a Microwave oven in much the same way as you would for a baby’s bottle, but please be aware that you may ought to be careful using the plastic models, if you do it for no more then 1.5 minutes you should be fine and not cause any damage, but monitor the event to make certain for the initial couple of times. Note: don’t even go there for any stainless steel model inside the Microwave! The ceramic models are fine to be utilized in a Microwave.
Second is to position the Neti Pot into some boiling water, but be careful to never scold yourself. Use some thongs if need be.

The third is by using a baby bottle sterilizing product.
When it comes to temperature it ought to be much like your body which is 98.6°F (37°C) – Basically Luke warm, so never to cold, but certainly not too hot.

Once within your sterilised pot perform a stir and you’re all set.

If it’s your first attempt its worth acquiring a towel draped over your neck just to catch any solution that you spill.

Lean forward over a hand basin or large bowl and tilt top of your head upwards looking straight ahead. Put the end of the Pots spout within the nostril applying enough pressure so that it ‘seals’ the spout on your nose.

Start to inhale a relaxed way using your mouth and after that tilt top of your head sideways so that the spout and pot is above your upward faced cheek. Continue to breathe from the mouth the whole time and stay relaxed.

You should now find that the solution begins to exit the other nostril. If it does not give it time and if still it just isn’t coming out move the top of your head back to the starting position and allow the solution drain. Now try the other side.

* Note: For those who appear too blocked for the solution to get through, try some cold water as this can often reduce sinus inflammation enough for any solution to get through. If it is flowing again, switch back to the warmer solution.

Do both sides twice or up until the solution runs out.
How frequently do i need to repeat this?
You should get started with one per day after which it move up to twice a day (morning and evening).

As always with things medical a disclaimer is needed; I’m not a professional, I am a keen user, therefore, the material on this web site is not intended as a substitute for specialized medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For all things medical a health care professional needs to be consulted first if you’re unsure.

Neti Pots are often recommended by ENT specialists and also to individuals who are recoverying from Sinsus surgery, and Saline is FDA approved, so this iis considered a safe practice, but we do not know your particular circumstances so a specialist really should be consulted in case you’re unsure. Additionally, it is not recommended to attempt to use a Neti Pot against younger children without seeking professional guidance first.
And lastly, remember it truly is essentially to only use sterilized or boiled water, avoid the use of untreated water

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